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Quantum Algorithms for Binary Optimization on Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Devices, Tan Yew Loong Benjamin, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
A Polymer Waveguide Platform for Hybrid Integrated Photonics and Photonic Simulation, Frank Angelina Barbara, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
Progress Towards Realizing Atom-Light Interface with Blue-Detuned Tweezer Array, Ng Boon Long, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
Two Novel Approaches in Quantum Entanglement Theory, Jayachandran Pooja, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
The complexity of the one clean qubit model, the aBc problem, and quantum online optimization, Debbie Lim Huey Chih, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
Trapping Light Alkali Atoms in D1 Magic Wavelength Tweezers for Quantum Simulation, Aliyu Mohammad Mujaheed, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
Overlap Measurement of Infinite Dimensional Quantum States and Bosonic Learning Machine With Trapped Ions, Tseng Ko-Wei, CQT, NUS (PhD 2023)
Analog Quantum Simulators For Quantum Advantage and Quantum Machine Learning, Thanasilp Supanut, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
(a) Reduced Density Matrix Generation Algorithms in Single-particle-exact Density Functional Theory, (B) Quantum Dynamical Simulation of a Transversal Stern-gerlach Interferometer, (C) Open Quantum System Process Tomography, Mikolaj Paraniak, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Laser Cooling of a Group III Atom, Yu Xianquan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Exploring the Dipolar Ground State of Ultracold 6li40k Molecules via Singlet States, Sofia Botsi, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Problems in Quantum Tamper Resilient Cryptography and Quantum Communication Complexity, Naresh Goud Boddu, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Polarization-Entangled Quantum Key Distribution Over Telecommunication Fibres, Shi Yicheng, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Security of Quantum Cryptography via Semidefinite Programming, Ignatius William Primaatmaja, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Singlet Pathway to the Dipolar Ground State of Ultracold 6Li40K Molecules, Yang Anbang, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Thermodynamics of Quanta in a Single Trapped Ion and Exchanging Motional Quanta Between Ions in Separate Traps via a Nearby Conducting Wire, Noah Van Horne, CQT, NUS (PhD 2022)
Quantum Algorithms for Provable Machine Learning, Yang Siyi, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
Near-concentric Optical Resonator For Coherent Atom-photon Interaction, Adrian Nugraha Utama, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
Direct Product, Function Composition and Device-Independent Cryptography, Srijita Kundu, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
Towards Quantum Advantage and Certification With Noisy Intermediate-scale Quantum Devices, Kishor Bharti, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
A Transportable High-precision Absolute Atomic Gravimeter, Oon Fong En, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
Quantum Transport with Cold Atoms, Tobias Florian Haug, CQT, NUS (PhD 2021)
On Some Optimisation Problems Arising from Quantum Computing, Maharshi Ray, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Synchronisation in Atomic and Quantum Systems, Hermanni Juuso Elias Heimonen, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
An Experimental Platform for Hybridization of Atomic and Superconducting Quantum Systems, Alessandro Landra, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
On-demand Atomtronic Architectures on a Superconducting Atom Chip, Francesca Tosto, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Error Regions for Self-calibrating Quantum Tomography and Sampling of Quantum Channels, Sim Jun Yan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Topological Properties of the Spin-1 Bose Gas in the Honeycomb Lattice, Ulrike Bornheimer, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Development of an Optical Atomic Clock Based on Trapped Lutetium Ions, Rattakorn Kaewuam, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Assessing Fault-tolerance Conditions for Surface Code Implemented with Noisy Devices, Chai Jing Hao, CQT, NUS (PhD 2020)
Atom-photon Interaction with Photon Pairs of Long Coherence Time, Mathias Alexander Seidler, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Detecting Prior-data Conflict in Quantum State Estimation, Seah Yi-Lin, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Randomness Extraction and Clock Synchronization with Continuous Parametric Down-conversion, Lee Jianwei, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Collective Interaction of Atoms and Light with Cavity-assisted Raman Transitions, Zhang Zhiqiang, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Building Entangled Photon Pair Sources for Quantum Key Distribution with Nano-satellites, Aitor Villar Zafra, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Continuous Variables Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions, Gan Huat Chai, Jaren, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Few-photon Transport In Strongly Interacting Light-matter Systems: A Scattering Approach, See Tian Feng, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Classical-quantum Divergences in Structural Complexities of Many-body Systems, Suen Whei Yeap, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
The Effect of the Center-of-mass Motion on the Fidelity of Neutral-atom Quantum Gates and the Optimal Circuit for a Protected Qubit, Ye Luyao, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Fluctuation Theorem for Quantum Bipartite Systems, Jungjun Park, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Towards Quantum Simulation with Interacting Photons in Superconducting Circuits, Jirawat Tangpanitanon, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)
Past of a Quantum Particle and Quantum Information Processing with Open-system Noise, Len Yink Loong, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Towards Large-scale Quantum Computing Platform in Ultrastrong Coupling Regime, Thi Ha Kyaw, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Single Atoms Coupled to a Near-concentric Cavity, Nguyen Chi Huan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Information Theoretic and Algebraic Techniques in Theoretical Computer Science, Priyanka Mukhopadhyay, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Towards A Space-based Quantum Key Distribution Network: Developing A Miniaturized Polarisation Entangled Photon Pair Source For Nanosatellite, Tang Zhongkan Kamiyuki Xavier, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
One-shot Protocols for Communication Over Quantum Networks: Achievability and Limitations, Anurag Anshu, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Light-atom Coupling With 4PI Microscopy, Wilson Chin Yue Sum, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Quantum Correlations from Black Boxes, Goh Koon Tong, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Transport And Interaction of Rb87 Atoms in a Dilution Fridge, Lim Chin Chean, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
Nonlinear Quantum Optics And Thermodynamics With Three Trapped Ions, Roland Hablutzel, CQT, NUS (PhD 2018)
New Tools to Investigate Non-classical Correlations, Marek Jan Wajs, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Optically Induced Dipole-dipole Interactions in Atomic Ensembles, Ewan Franek Munro, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Momentum Signatures of The Anderson Transition, Sanjib Ghosh, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Quantum Devices Made of Atoms, Alexandre Roulet, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Microwave-to-optical Conversion Using Rydberg Atoms, Han Jingshan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
On Classical and Quantum Constraint Satisfaction Problems in the Trial and Error Model, Aarthi Meenakshi Sundaram, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Non-Abelian Geometrical Quantum Gate Operation in an Ultracold Strontium Gas, Frederic Leroux, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Tailored Optical Potentials for Atomtronic Devices, Filip Krzysztof Auksztol, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Application of Precision Measurements with Trapped Ion and Development of a Planar Surface Ion Trap Setup, Swarup Das, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Gauge Fields and Geometric Phases in Periodic Systems, Wei Nie, CQT, NUS (PhD 2017)
Molecular Spectroscopy of Ultracold 6LI40K Molecules, Lam Mun Choong, Mark, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
A Cubesat Compatible Electronics Platform For Miniaturized Single Photon Pair Sources, Rakhitha Bandara Chandrasekara, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Molecular Spectroscopy of Ultracold 6-lithium and 40-potassium molecules: Towards STIRAP Transfer to Absolute Ground State, Sambit B. Pal, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Precision Measurements to Explore Underlying Geometries and Interactions in a Trapped Ba+ Ion, Debashis De Munshi, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Self-Testing: Walking on the Boundary of the Quantum Set, Wu Xingyao, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Precision measurement to study strongly correlated systems-from a single ion to phonons in an ion chain, Tarun Dutta, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Atomic 2 S1/2 To 3p3/2 Transition For Production And Investigation Of A Fermionic Lithium Quantum Gas, Christian Gross, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Exploring Different Models of Query Complexity and Communication Complexity, Supartha Podder, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Decoherence Estimation in Quantum Theory and Beyond, Corsin Pfister, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Error Regions for Properties of the Quantum State, Li Xikun, CQT, NUS (PhD 2016)
Relativistic quantum cryptography, Jedrzej Kaniewski, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Control of Trapped-ion Motion for Molecular Spectroscopy and Quantum Information Processing, Ding Shiqian, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Majorana Fermion in Topological Superconductor and Mott-superfluid Transition in Circuit-qed System, Jiabin You, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Quantum Sizes: Complexity, Dimension And Many-box Locality, Cai Yu, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Atomtronics: Quantum Technology with Cold Atoms in Ring Shaped Optical Lattices, Davit Aghamalyan,, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Testing the Quantum-Classical Boundary and Dimensionality of Quantum Systems, Poh Hou Shun, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
An Integrated Atom Chip for The Detection and Manipulation of Cold Atoms Using a Two-photon Transition, Ritayan Roy, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Experimental Entanglement Witness Family Measurement And Theoretical Aspects Of Quantum Tomography, Dai Jibo, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Advances In Quantum Key Distribution And Quantum Randomness Generation, Le Phuc Thinh, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Efficient Delegation Algorithms For Outsourcing Computations On Massive Data Streams, Ved Prakash, CQT, NUS (PhD 2015)
Artificial Gauge Fields And Topological Effects In Quantum Gases, Hu Yuxin, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Narrowband Photon Pairs From A Cold Atomic Vapour For Interfacing With A Single Atom, Gurpreet Kaur Gulati, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Heralded Single Photons For Efficient Interaction With Single Atoms, Bharath Sivathsan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Studies in Models of Quantum Proof Systems, Attila Pereszlenyi, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Entangled Photon Pairs: Efficient Generation and Detection, and Bit Commitment, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Quantum Optics with Cavity-assisted Raman Transitions, Markus Philipp Baden, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Quantum Correlations in Composite Particles, Tan Kok Chuan Bobby, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Device Independent Playground: Investigating and Opening Up A Quantum Black Box, Yang Tzyh Haur, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Experimental Determination Of The Nuclear Magnetic Octupole Moment Of 137ba, Nicholas Charles Lewty, CQT, NUS (PhD 2014)
Quantum Optics in Information and Control, Teo Zhiwei Colin, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Symmetric Minimal Quantum Tomography and Optimal Error Regions, Shang Jiangwei, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Studies in Communication Complexity and Semidefinite Programs, Yao Penghui, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
On Quantum Nonlocality and The Device-independent Paradigm, Rafael Rabelo, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Manifestations of Quantum Mechanics in Open Systems: From Opto-mechanics to Dynamical Casimir Effect, Giovanni Vacanti, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Quantum Simulations With Photons in One-dimensional Nonlinear Waveguides, Huo Mingxia, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Entangled Many-body States As Resources of Quantum Information Processing, Li Ying, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Quantum Information Exchange Between Photons and Atoms, Wang Yimin, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013)
Collective Dispersive Interaction of Atoms and Light in a High Finesse Cavity, Kyle Arnold, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Strongly Correlated Phases in the Anisotropic Honeycomb Lattice, Wang Guangquan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Robust Quantum Storage with Three Atoms, Han Rui, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Complementarity of Quantum Correlations, Ravishankar Ramanathan, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of the Population Imbalanced Fermi Gas, Marta Wolak, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Interaction of a Strongly focused Light Beam with Single Atoms, Syed Aljunied, CQT, NUS (PhD 2012)
Quantum Coherence in Biological Systems, Elisabeth Rieper, CQT, NUS (PhD 2011)
Hybrid Quantum Computation, Arun, CQT, NUS (PhD 2011)
Spin-Density Funtionals of a Two-Dimensional Fermionic Gas of Dipolar Atoms: Thomas-Fermi-Dirac Treatment, Bess Fang, Dept. of Physics, NUS (MSc 2010)
Ultracold Fermions in a Honeycomb Optical Lattice, Lee Kean Loon, NGS, NUS (PhD 2010)
Towards Resolved-Sideband Raman Cooling of a Single 87Rb Atom in a Fort, Lee Jianwei, Dept. of Physics, NUS (MSc 2010)
A Security of Two Non-Tomographic Quantum Communication Protocols, Syed Md Assad, Dept. of Physics, NUS (PhD 2010)
Proof of the Orthogonal Measurement Conjecture for Two States of a Qubit, Andreas Keil, Dept. of Physics, NUS (PhD 2009)
Towards a High Quality Polarization-Entangled Multi-Photon Source, Poh Hou Shun, Dept. of Physics, NUS (MSc 2009)
Security Analysis of a Basis-Independent Scheme for Quantum Cryptography, Gelo N.C. Tabia, Dept. of Physics, NUS (MSc 2009)
Interfacing light and a single quantum system with a lens, Tey Meng Khoon, Dept. of Physics, NUS (PhD 2009)
Entangled state preparation for optical quantum communication, Alexander Ling, Dept. of Physics, NUS (PhD 2008)