Marco Tomamichel Group Preprints

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J. Lumbreras, M. Tomamichel Linear bandits with polylogarithmic minimax regret.
Shrigyan Brahmachari , R. Rubboli, M. Tomamichel A fixed-point algorithm for matrix projections with applications in quantum information.
E. Cervero, M. Tomamichel Device independent security of quantum key distribution from monogamy-of-entanglement games.
Laura Manńćinska, E. Cervero Weak Schur sampling with logarithmic quantum memory.
Abolfathe Beikidezfuli Salman, M. Tomamichel Lower Bounds on Error Exponents via a New Quantum Decoder.
M. Tomamichel, Ryuji Takagi, R. Rubboli Mixed-state additivity properties of magic monotones based on quantum relative entropies for single-qubit states and beyond.
Roope Uola, E.Haapasalo, Juha-Pekka Pellonpää Barycentric decomposition for quantum instruments.
Y.L.Hu, Maximilian P. E. Lock, Mischa P. Woods On the feasibility of detecting quantum delocalization effects on gravitational redshift in optical clocks.
C. Hirche, M. Tomamichel Quantum Rényi and f-divergences from integral representations.
Shrigyan Brahmachari , J. Lumbreras, M. Tomamichel Quantum contextual bandits and recommender systems for quantum data.
Muhammad Usman Farooq, Tobias Fritz, E.Haapasalo, M. Tomamichel Asymptotic and catalytic matrix majorization.
Y. Ouyang, Gavin K. Brennen Quantum error correction on symmetric quantum sensors.
Tom Kuusela, Juha-Pekka Pellonpää, E.Haapasalo, Roope Uola Retrievability of information in quantum and realistic hidden variable theories.
R. Rubboli, M. Tomamichel New additivity properties of the relative entropy of entanglement and its generalizations.
C. Hirche, Y. Li, M. Tomamichel Sequential Quantum Channel Discrimination.
E.Haapasalo Joint measurements through quantum broadcasting.
M. Hayashi, Y. Ouyang Tight Cramér-Rao type bounds for multiparameter quantum metrology through conic programming.
Y. Ouyang, Cosmo Lupo Quantum key distribution with non-ideal heterodyne detection.