Earn a PhD @ CQT

Are you keen to begin a research career in quantum technologies? Some 50 PhD students are training at the Centre for Quantum Technologies across our experimental and theoretical groups. We offer top class education at the National University of Singapore, one of Asia's leading universities, in a vibrant academic enviroment. We have a variety of schemes to support students, including CQT scholarships, NUS studentships and project grants.

We consider applications year round. Prospective students may find specific projects listed on our jobs page. Students are also encouraged to make a speculative approach to the Principal Investigator of any group they would like to work with. Follow these links to learn about the research of our different groups in theoretical physics, experimental physics and computer science.

The first step in applying for a PhD at CQT will be to get a PI's endorsement. Our PIs or admin team can help guide you further after your initial application. We look forward to hearing from you! Scroll down to see what some of our students say.



  • Jaren Gan, PhD student in experimental physics

  • The environment at CQT feels like it's catered for a PhD student to excel and realise their best potential – from the regular talks that expose you to fresh ideas to the opportunities to share work with others.


  • Kishor Bharti, PhD student in theoretical physics

  • It is easy to spot dedicated computer scientists, theoretical physicists and experimental physicists in a single building. This ecosystem has provided me with ample possibilities for productive collaboration.


  • Srijita Kundu, PhD student in computer science

  • I like that there are many opportunities to teach, participate in outreach, and be involved with industry visits, which prepares us for a future career in science beyond research.