The commercial promise of quantum technologies is driving activity in companies big and small around the world. Here in Singapore, we are proud to see some former colleagues becoming entrepreneurs to create real-world impact. There are six young companies in quantum technologies in Singapore with strong links to CQT and NUS. S-Fifteen Instruments and SpeQtral are spin-offs that have licensed technology. AngelQ, Atomionics, Entropica Labs and Horizon Quantum Computing are startups founded by CQT staff and alumni. Check the company’s websites for more details.



S-Fifteen Instruments was spun off from CQT to commercialise proprietary quantum technologies developed over decades of research. S-Fifteen Instruments offers equipment for quantum control as well as hardware devices for quantum-safe solutions to serve clients who require unparalleled trust and transparency for their cryptographic requirements.


SpeQtral is building space-based quantum communication systems rooted in advanced technologies developed at CQT. The technology enables encryption to secure communications with forward security. SpeQtral’s team has heritage from a successful on-orbit demonstration of a quantum light source on a cubesat.




AngelQ builds architecture-agnostic quantum software solutions ready for company deployment. Example industries it works with are finance, market and consumer research, energy and sustainability, and supply chain. The company’s quantum, and quantum-inspired AI and optimisation algorithms, solve clients’ hardest computational challenges operating on state-of-the-art quantum hardware provided by partners.


Atomionics is building atom-interferometry based sensingsystems for navigation and exploration. It aims to make themost reliable and accurate navigation system which workeverywhere - including underwater, underground and otherGPS-denied areas. Atomionics exploration systems enableprecisely pinpointing hydrocarbon and mineral reserves.

Entropica Labs

Entropica uses quantum computing to solve the hardest enterprise optimisation problems, and uses optimisation to advance the performance of quantum computers. Entropica collaborates with leading quantum cloud providers to advance the technology and explore innovative application domains for quantum computation. Entropica’s current focus is to develop tools, algorithms and software for quantum optimisation.

Horizon Quantum Computing

Horizon Quantum Computing is developing a new generation of programming tools to simplify and expedite the process of developing software for quantum computers. By removing the need for prior quantum computing experience, Horizon’s tools will democratise the development of quantum-enhanced applications, making the power of quantum computing accessible to every software developer.