Industry Projects and Partnerships

To bring quantum technologies to market takes both technical expertise and commercial acumen. We combine skills with industry partners to maximise the chances of success and impact. This page highlights projects and partnerships initiated or led by CQT Principal Investigators and research staff.
  • imec
    Supported by Singapore’s DSO National Laboratories, CQT Principal Investigators began in 2020 applied research projects: “Research Collaboration On Optical Ground Station For Satellite Quantum Communications” led by Alexander Ling, and “Assessment On Advanced Inertial Sensing Techniques For Navigation And Characterization Of An Atomic Gravimeter Platform” led by Rainer Dumke.
  • imec
    The group of CQT PI Charles Lim is working with imec, known for its work in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, on developing QKD chips. This collaboration is supported under Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme.
  • NSCC
    CQT is collaborating with the National Supercomputing Centre Singapore on trials of quantum networks, in a project led by Visiting Research Associate Professor James Grieve.
  • SGInnovate
    SGInnovate is a Singapore government-backed organisation supporting the local development of deep tech. They have a partnership with CQT to support quantum as one of their focus areas, involving talks, training and support for startups.
  • Singtel
    The NUS-Singtel Cyber Security R&D Lab established in 2016 includes a theme led by CQT on future-ready technologies. In work led by CQT PI Christian Kurtsiefer, we are testing quantum communication on Singtel’s deployed fiber.
  • SpeQtral
    Under two project agreements, CQT researchers are collaborating with the centre's spin-off SpeQtral on projects on quantum satellites and on quantum-safe networks.
  • ST Engineering
    NUS and ST Engineering launched a collaboration in 2020 to develop network encryption technology based on measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution. This project is led at NUS by CQT PI Charles Lim, supported by Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme.